About Jazz UK

Addressing the changing needs of the Jazz Sector

Built on Jazz Services’ 30 year track record of support for jazz musicians across the Country, JazzUK is taking jazz development in to the future.  During the first half of 2015, JazzUK developed key partnerships and strands of work to put its new mechanisms and streamlined working practices in to top gear, delivering the #4Jazz Festival Coventry in November 2015.  You can keep abreast of our progress through this new website, and catch us on Twitter and Facebook too!

JazzUK is a progressive organisation that unites the jazz and wider artistic communities by sharing the power of jazz music to increasingly greater and diverse audiences.

Our mission is to facilitate those who play jazz to entertain those who love to listen, and to encourage the next generation to fall in love with jazz.


JazzUK Directors
Dominic McGonigal (Chair)
James Joseph (Vice-Chair; Audience Development)
Peter Baillie (Honorary Treasurer; Company Secretary)
Diane Dunkley
Adrian Dwyer
Martin Hummel
Emily Saunders

Advisor to the Board
Geoff Wright